Menu Planning

I have done this all different ways - - from flying by the seat of my pants to really planning ahead.  Having some sort of menu, even if you don't always stick to it, makes sense when 5:00 hits and you are wondering what to make.  I usually try to make a weekly menu for dinner, taking into account kids' activities and things.  You can find some great menu planning worksheets at  This is a work in progress!

So, here is the list of meals that my family eats regularly.  I am only listing the main entre part since the sides can vary.

1.  Meatloaf
2.  Italian grilled chicken salad
3.  Chicken and stuffing bake
4.  Lasagna
5.  Spaghetti and meatballs
6.  Pizza (a Friday regular)
7.  BBQ pork or beef sandwiches
8.  Ruebens
9.  Sloppy Joes
10.  Jambalaya
11. Red Beans and Rice (thanks to my sil)
12.  Fettucini Alfredo
13.  Mongolian Beef
14.  Hamburgers
15.  Pasta with Vodka Sauce
16.  Parmesan Chicken Strips
17.  Quick Beef Stroganoff
18.  Kielbasa and Pierogies
19.  Grilled Pork Chops
20.  Beef Stew

I will add to this list and try to link to recipes as time goes on, but it is a good starting point for me. 

God Bless!

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